April 2018

February 2018

Dear Associates and Dear Supporters,

it is a great pleasure for us to share with You the success obtained by our president Serena Bertozzi, who won the first prize of the regional “FameLab 2018”, which consisted in the final regional competition of scientific presentation and took place in Trieste on the 27th February 2018. The issues presented were the “Angelina effect”, that gave visibility to the intervention of bilateral prophylactic mastectomy for carriers of BrCa gene mutation, and the “Mendelian genetics”.


Xmas 2017

Dear Associates and Supporters,

We wish You all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

November 2017

Gentle Associates, Gentle Supporters,

Just three months have passed since the foundation of our association.  Therefore, we wanted to thank everybody who in the first months supported us economically and not. In particular, the Ventaglio d’Arpe Association, Anna Chiara Pirona and the family of Professor Eliana Ginevra, the director and all the staff of the Clinic of Surgery of Udine, Dr. Carla Cedolini, Dr. Giovanni Barillari, but also all those who somehow have contributed to the realization of our research. We also take the opportunity to share with you one of our most recent publications concerning a rather rare type of cancer, the neuroendocrine tumor, which you find at the following link.


October 2017

Ennergi Research thanks for the kind support the family of Eliana Ginevra, including his brother Ivo, his wife Angela and his sons Filippo and Daniele. Also, thanks to the warm participation of Malignani’s lecturers and students, Anna Chiara and Mrs. Silvana for the organization, and all those who helped to remember Eliana with so much affection. You would be proud of the event, which will allow us to carry on at least a couple of research we had planned. We will keep you up to date on the results. Thanks again to everyone.

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September 2017

Ennergi Research thanks all of its supporters, associates and not, and in particular the Association Ventaglio d’Arpe for the kind support.

We work too silently but without rest, in order to obtain tangible results in the fight against cancer. Because step by step, with your help, it will come a moment when we can say stop to this bad disease.

Here is a link to one of our publications. From now on, we will regularly post the links where you can find the results of our research.